Caitlin: cooking from Eugene
Monica: cooking from Los Angeles

We're two friends, in two different cities - we take the same inspiration 
and make it our own.
Caitlin: I love good food – I enjoy cooking it almost as much as I enjoy eating it; if my husband and finicky son like what I’ve made, then I know I’ve done a great job. My cooking style is simple and seasonal; the best combination of ingredients is locally grown produce, natural organic meat and a good glass of wine or beer.

Monica: Having grown up in a Greek and Mexican household, I've been surrounded by good food my entire life. Plus, my mom is a phenomenal cook and I've learned so much from watching her in the kitchen. I believe in cooking with natural, organic ingredients, and at times I modify recipes in order to keep them as healthy as possible; although, sometimes butter is necessary.

Food & Music 
Caitlin: Two things I truly enjoy in this world, aside from my family, are good food and good music; both of which, when done right, go fantastically together.

Monica: Like Caitlin, I love music. Music inspires in so many ways. My iPod is always on while I cook and I like having a playlist that goes along with the food I make - whatever it may be.

First Food Memory
Caitlin: There are two food memories that stick out from my childhood. The first would be my Italian grandmother’s pasta sauce. She never used a lot of spices to season, rather she let the meat flavor the sauce – it was simple, but the flavor was so unique and one I’ve tried to replicate over the years. The second is my mom’s Thanksgiving dinner. She’s really perfected the art of seasonal cooking – never has a turkey tasted dry, or vegetables withered on my plate. This meal has been fantastically executed year after year.

Monica: I visited my grandmother in Mexico as a kid on a yearly basis. My first food memory would have to be eating my grandmother's rice in her kitchen. She always had a fresh pot of rice on the stove ready for my family when we arrived. It was simple, yet flavorful, and embodied the essence of the perfect comfort food. To this day, it remains to be one of the best things I've ever eaten.